Women's Refuge says it'll be costly to end family and sexual violence

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Sunday, 19 May 2019, 4:16PM
The Government has invested in trying to break the cycle of violence. (Photo / Getty)

The head of Women's Refuge says addressing the nation's violence issues won't come cheap.

The Government's sinking $320 million into tying to break the cycle of family and sexual violence.

The cash, which will be allocated in the upcoming Wellbeing Budget, will also be used for better support services for survivors.

It'll be spread across a range of initiatives and services.

It will be used for a range of initiatives, including improving support services for survivors.

Women's Refuge CEO Ang Jury told the Weekend Collective the money earmarked for prevention makes her optimistic.

"We've never invested as a country in prevention work before, and if we are ever going to make a difference, we're going to have to."

She says that none of the money is tagged specifically for her organisation, which is disappointing.

"At the same time I recognise that family and sexual violence is an absolute bloody scourge in this country."

Jury says it's going to be expensive to fix.


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