Jeremy Elwood and Michele A'Court taking Arts on Tour

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Sunday, 20 January 2019, 11:26AM
The married couple spoke with Francesca Rudkin about their new comedy tour. (Photo / ZB)

They are two of New Zealand’s best and most outspoken stand-up comedians, a married couple and now a duo act.

Michele A’Court and Jeremy Elwood are heading to small towns nationwide with their show, On the Road, as part of the Arts on Tour programme.

A'Court told Francesca Rudkin that Arts on Tour approaches small towns to see if they want the acts to visit, and they put their hands up about why 

"The really nice thing is whenever we arrive somewhere, we know that they actually want us. We are not the 'unruly tourists' of the comedy world."

It has been 26 years since A'Court first did this. She says that New Zealanders have become more accepting and understanding of comedy since then. 

"Sometimes you'd do a show and be playing to silence throughout the show, and then at the end there'd be tumultuous applause. They didn't know they had to make a noise on the outside." 

It will be the first time Elwood is doing this tour. He says that his comedy will likely begin with some political and social commentary, but that they aren't heading out with a pre-organised show. 

"That's the joy of doing this job night after night, as you can play with things."

He says that comedy is a good way of selling your ideas and beliefs to people. 

"You can yell at someone from a soapbox about your political belief, and people will just switch off, but if you can make them laugh... I think comedy's always done that." 

A'Court says that she likes to tap into people's shared consciousness, and generate a sense of community by saying things outloud. 

However, Elwood says that most New Zealand audiences don't want to feel nervous and feel on edge if things become too political. 


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