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What to do after Marie Kondo-ing your house

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Sunday, 20 January 2019, 12:21p.m.
Marie Kondo has sparked a tidying revolution. (Photo / Supplied)

Since the release of ‘Tidying Up’ on Netflix earlier this month, Marie Kondo mania has taken over the world.

For those that haven’t been caught up in the hype, the show encourages followers to rid their lives of items that don’t bring them joy.  Thanking the item for its services before chucking it out.

It all sounds straight forward, but once the Konmarying is done, where do you discard of your joyless items?

Op shops are near capacity as household after household declutters.  Many are now turning away donations.   

Nic Turner, founder of Mainstream Green, told Francesca Rudkin that there are charities who will use the stuff that you've got.

She says that people can use Facebook to find people who are happy to take things.

Turner warns that people should avoid using these charities as a dumping ground.

"It is really easy to box up stuff and give it to someone else and it becomes their problem. The first step is only passing on stuff that people could see value in."

She says it doesn't just have to be you, as you could share the load with your friends or family. 

"We could divide and conquer, or get together and swap stuff, or set up a garage sale. Don't think you are in this alone."

Turner says that she expects the series will help make people appreciate what they have.

Here are some of her suggestions of what you can do with your 'joyless' possessions: 

- Zero Waste in New Zealand: Facebook group 

- Neighbourly

- Women's Refugee

- SPCA: Old blankets for animals

- All Heart: used office furniture

- Starship: Collecting mobile phones


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