Martin Devlin: The Crusaders are an inspirational legacy

Newstalk ZB,
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Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 1:42PM

I hope the Crusaders keep their name.

And yes I'm fully aware of the sensitivities and discussion taking place around this issue and, like everyone else, feel it's equally important not to just do what's right but also to do what's best.

For me, this isn't actually a debate in that there is no right or wrong here.

And the fact I'm even presenting an argument about this also makes me feel quite uncomfortable. The sadness and devastation so raw surely the timing of even raising this issue should be seriously questioned.

The problem is that the aftermath of any tragedy often exposes the very worst of people and most especially it seems those involved within my industry - random self-obsessives who attempt to use adverse circumstances to boost their own social media profiles by jumping bandwagons and/or championing some cause.

It is cheap vile and reflective only of the saddest sort of narcissists that, even more sadly, seem to exist right throughout this business. 

But back to the Crusaders.

This team is representative of Christchurch, Canterbury and it's community in a way few from outside the region could ever truly appreciate. They were a shining light following the two tragic earthquakes defining hope, grit, teamwork and togetherness. The team is built upon a single core value that no-one is bigger than the collective. They are both inspirational and aspirational.

Please don't turn this legacy, their name, into a word synonymous with hate misery and death.

Whatever the crusaders were in historic far-off times they have nothing, ZERO, to do with what the last 25 years of having the Crusaders rugby team has meant to Christchurch.

Whatever is ultimately decided is none of my business.

What do I hope though is that calm heads will prevail and see that this team, this brand, can be used as a force of good as something to celebrate as opposed to commemorate.

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