Calls for Government to fund meningitis vaccine for Northland kids

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Monday, 8 April 2019, 5:08p.m.
A local school has raised $18,000 in order to vaccinate children. (Photo / NZ Herald)

A renewed call for meningitis vaccines for all Northland children, as a school fund raises to protect its students.

National Whangarei MP Dr Shane Reti says Hikurangi Primary School, north of Whangarei, has bought vaccines for pupils aged five to 12.

Last year, seven-year-old Hikurangi pupil, Alexis Albert, died from the meningococcal W strain.

The school raised close to $18,000 to immunise students not eligible for the free jab, enough to vaccinate 170 children/

Reti says the vaccinations should have been funded by the Government, and local communities can't cover the Government's shortfalls.

Community fundraiser Shona Whitehead told Larry Williams some parents simply can't afford it and the Government needs to step in.

"I really hope that they do step up, as there are a lot of families out there who should have the option to vaccinate their children."

Northland GPs are giving free meningococcal W vaccines to children aged nine months-to-five years, and 13-to-20.




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