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Gerry Brownlee: Mosque shooting 'attack on our way of life'

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Friday, 15 March 2019, 6:27p.m.
Brownlee is a Christchurch-based MP. (Photo / NZ Herald)

Christchurch MP Gerry Brownlee says that he is "deeply shocked" by the mosque shooting.

Multiple people are feared dead after shootings at two mosques in the Christchurch CBD. 

Four people are currently in custody over the shootings, but police have not ruled out that there may be more suspects out there.

Brownlee, who is MP for Ilam, told Mike Yardley that he is still "reeling in disbelief" that this could have happened in Christchurch.

"It's an attack on our whole way of life. I'm very strong of people having freedom to do what they want, but no one has the freedom to do this sort of thing." 

He says that whatever the numbers, a lot of people will suffer. 

Brownlee, who once Minister of Defence, dismissed assertions from security expert Paul Buchanan that our services have not done enough to monitor "wannabe" activists. 

"What I do know is that we do have security services in New Zealand, the SIS, the GCSB, military intelligence and police intelligence. They all co-operate, they all share information, and they try to go about their work without interfering unduly in the lives of New Zealanders. To suggest they have dropped the ball here is pretty unreasonable." 

He says that the police are doing an "outstanding job" during difficult and extreme circumstances. 

ON AIR: Heather du Plessis-Allan Drive

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