Chlorination unbearable for Christchurch woman

Publish Date
Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 1:29p.m.

An eczema sufferer says she's had an unbearable reaction to the chlorine in Christchurch's water supply.

The council began rolling out temporary chlorination last month - while the city's wellheads are fixed.

While council maintains it got the levels right - more than a thousand residents have complained water from their showers and taps smells like a swimming pool.

For Halswell resident Kim Arnst it's been a painful process.

"My eyelids are cracked. I wake up every morning with them swollen over and bleeding and cracks around my nose and my mouth and my knuckles are doing the same." 

Kim admits she'd be in the minority when it comes to her reaction to chlorine.

She told Chris Lynch that as a one-income family they can't afford water filters - and doctors bills and medications are costing her hundreds of dollars.

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