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Free speech campaign: Is this cartoonist the latest victim?

Newstalk ZB,
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Monday, 13 August 2018, 9:38a.m.
The cartoon appeared in the Press. Photo / Human Rights Tribunal

A former Press cartoonist claims Stuff won’t run his drawings because they're not PC.

Al Nisbet is no stranger to controversy, but that's the point of his cartoons.

Labour MP Louisa Wall took Fairfax to court because she was offended by his cartoons but the High Court ruled merely being offensive doesn't make it illegal.

Al Nisbet told Chris Lynch the Press told him his cartoons were “old fashioned.”

He says “there seems to be a tsunami of lefty thinking” which doesn't appeal to him as a cartoonist because “you are supposed to look at all angles.”

Editor of the Press Kamala Hayman denies canning the cartoonist over complaints.

She says the decision to no longer publish Al Nisbet’s cartoons was part of a refresh of the paper with the move to a compact format.

She says they had an opportunity to welcome a new cartoonist to the mix, and decided to no longer print Al Nisbet’s cartoons.

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