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Tokoroa street gang fight caught on video goes viral

Rotorua Daily Post,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 2:10PM

Video footage has captured horrific scenes as a Tokoroa street fight between Mongrel Mob and Black Power members ends with a car ploughing into one of the participants.

The video, posted on Friday last week, shows two men in red caps fighting a shirtless man.

The person taking the video describes the men as being "two Mongrel Mobs and a Black Power".

One of the men in a red cap knocks the shirtless man to the ground. A car then runs into one of the men with a red cap, sending him flying into the air and to one side, landing on the ground.

A man on the video, which has been edited for publication, then says "the bro just knocked him right the f*** out".

An unedited part of the video then shows the car speeding off doing swerves before turning around and picking up the shirtless man, as the men in the red caps run to the footpath.

A police communications spokeswoman said the fight took place at the intersection of Lanark and Dalmeny Sts in Tokoroa on January 9.

She said police attended at the time of the incident and spoke with the parties involved.

So far no arrests had been made but she said inquiries were ongoing.

The video has been viewed 52,000 times and shared nearly 267 times.


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