New Zealand passport less powerful in 2019

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Wednesday, 9 January 2019, 10:48AM
Japan again took out the top spot.
Japan again took out the top spot.

New Zealand has dropped from eighth place to 10th on the international ranking of best passports to possess to freely visit countries around the world.

New Zealand and Australian passport holders can travel without visas to 181 countries in 2019 - one country less than last year for Kiwis.

Global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners this week revealed their passport index which ranks passports according to their travel power using data from the International Air Transport Association.

Japan again took out the top spot, with its passport holders free to visit a record 190 destinations around the world - the same as last year.

Singapore remains in the second ranking, giving its citizens visa-free access to 
189 global destinations along with South Korea.

The German and French passports remain in third place going into 2019 with their visa-free citizens being allowed to go to 188 countries.

In joint fourth are the passports of Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden on 187 countries followed by Luxembourg and Spain on 186 countries.

UK and US passports have dropped from fifth in 2018 and are both in sixth place now on 185 countries.

The UK and US share sixth place with the Austrian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swiss passports.

Henley Passport Index power ranking:

1. Japan - 190 (destinations)

2. Singapore, South Korea - 189

3. France, Germany - 188

4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden - 187

5. Luxembourg, Spain - 186

6. Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, UK and US - 186

7. Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland - 184

8. Czech Republic - 183

9. Malta - 182

10. Australia, Iceland, New Zealand - 181

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