'Not dead yet': Man resuscitated at Phil Collins concert

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Thursday, 7 February 2019, 2:59p.m.
Phil Collins rocked Napier from his chair on Wednesday night. (Photo / Paul Taylor)
Phil Collins rocked Napier from his chair on Wednesday night. (Photo / Paul Taylor)

A man who collapsed at Wednesday night's Phil Collins concert is in a serious but stable condition after another concertgoer noticed his fall and gave him CPR.

St John Hawke's Bay territory manager Brendon Hutchinson said the man had suffered a cardiac arrest at the English pop star's Napier stop of his global "Not Dead Yet" tour.

A family member said the man "clinically died" after collapsing near toilets at the Mission Estate winery venue. A member of the public gave him CPR.

The man had come to in Hawke's Bay Hospital at 4am today wondering what had happened, the relative said.

Hutchinson said it was great work by the bystander.

"It was a witnessed cardiac arrest, one of the bystanders who was near him performed immediate CPR, which is something that we are really pushing. Early defibrillation is the key for out of hospital cardiac arrests.

"I arrived just after our first paramedic got there and he had received really good CPR and we took over so we got him resuscitated and got him to hospital so it was a fantastic outcome from our point of view."

Hutchinson said the two men were not known to each other.

"He was with him and just knew what to do... so it was just fantastic that he jumped in and did that."

St John's had a total of 28 team members on the ground throughout the concert and Hutchinson said it was a busy night for them all.

"We had a total of 16 patients, 13 of them had lower limb fractures, some were treated on site and others were taken to hospital."

"It was pretty much due to the rain. It's been really hot and dry the past few days, but when you get rain like that it can get really slippery, so a few people fell or slipped."

Hutchinson had worked at 15 Mission Concerts since they began in 1993 and said this was the first cardiac arrest at the event he was aware of.

A Hawke's Bay Hospital spokeswoman said a total of 13 people were taken to hospital, with 11 admitted, mostly with bone breaks.


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