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The Chase contestant wins record $70k prize by herself

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Monday, 11 February 2019, 5:24PM

The Chase viewers and fans were sent into a spin after contestant Judith won a record-breaking £70,000 ($134,452) in a solo effort.

After having the rest of her team eliminated, Judith decided to throw caution to the wind and take the high amount of £70,000 offered to her by The Vixen Jenny Ryan.

Breezing through to the final, Judith had the difficult task of taking on The Vixen on her own.

But in the final chase, she answered a whopping 20 questions and comprehensively beat The Vixen single-handedly by 10 whole questions.

After the buzzer went off, The Chase host Bradley Walsh described the win as "extraordinary".

After embracing Judith - who was near-stunned by her win - Walsh added: "I've never known anything like it, and I've been doing this show 60 or 70 years."

Ryan took to Twitter to congratulate Judith, saying, "Absolute perfect play by Judith".

"£70k at table with nothing to lose. She set a very strong 20, which forced me to rush slightly. Then capitalised on my errors by nailing pushbacks - which further put the time pressure on me, leading to more errors.

"Judith was a standby contestant, and only found out she was on the show 24 hours before recording. I was well and truly beaten."

Now viewers are demanding Judith land a job on the show.

"If Judith wins this £70k on her own there will be calls for her to be hired as the new chaser - the knitting nightmare the ruthless Judy."

Another wrote: "OMG GO ONNN! I think she should get the Chasers' job."

A third also tweeted: "Wow! Never in all my years of watching #TheChase have I seen any one single person perform so well. Just amazing. Enjoy your £70,000 Judith."

Judith's win came after The Chase saw its biggest ever overall win in September, when a team of four managed to beat Anne Hegerty's 'The Governess' to scoop £100,000.


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