Rape victim tells court of self-harm incident

NZ Herald,
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Thursday, 17 January 2019, 4:59PM
The man at the centre of the charges had met the women through a church. Photo / File
The man at the centre of the charges had met the women through a church. Photo / File

Warning: This article is about rape and self harm and may be distressing for some readers.

A woman who was raped by a man in Christchurch has told the court how she carved the word "whore" on her leg following the incident.

Matthew Garland Kelly was facing the Christchurch District Court charged with rape, attempted sexual violation and indecent assault involving two young victims.

Today, the 24-year-old was jailed for seven-and-half-years by Judge Jane Farish after being found guilty of those charges, Christchurch Court News reports.

Kelly is already serving a five-year term for sex offending committed after these offences and has had the new sentence added, amounting to 12 years and six months.

Judge Farish told the court the girls were aged only 12 and 13 or 14 when Kelly committed the offending aged 17.

Kelly kissed the youngest girl before touching her on the breast, after which the girl got up and left.

He then tried to touch the older girl beneath her clothing, threatening her not to tell anyone what had happened or he would hurt a family member.

Later, when Kelly realised the threat had worked, he waited around the church where he met the girls and raped her in a park.

The woman who was raped told the court she severely cut herself by writing the word "whore" on her thigh after being deeply impacted by the incident.

"He stole some of the most important years of my life from me, and I will never get them back," the woman said.

It has also been revealed Kelly has jailed in 2016 for procuring a woman to commit sexual violation by oral sex on a boy aged 15-months.

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