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Christchurch triple fatal: Victims' father's anti-police stance made public

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Thursday, 17 January 2019, 3:33PM
Craig Mcallister posted a photograph of his sons' names on this hat, which also has an anti-police slogan. (Photo / Facebook)
Craig Mcallister posted a photograph of his sons' names on this hat, which also has an anti-police slogan. (Photo / Facebook)

The father of teenage brothers killed in a crash as they fled police in Christchurch in a stolen car has posted photographs apparently showing his disdain for authorities.

Glen and Craig Mcallister died after the car hit police spikes, crashed into a tree and went up in a "huge ball of fire" on Sunday night.

Brooklyn Taylor, 13, was also killed.

This morning the Herald revealed that the young brothers were the nephews of Glen Mcallister, a skinhead who went on a murder-suicide rampage in Cathedral Square in 1989.

The boys' father, also called Craig Mcallister, is the brother of Glen.

Craig Mcallister yesterday spoke to the Herald about the loss of his sons - and urged people not to judge them or the rest of his family for his or his brother's past actions.

He said his sons were good boys - but conceded they had been involved in police pursuits and had stolen cars in the past.

"They were just kids," he said.

"They were just boys doing what boys do.

"I knew as soon as this happened what was going to happen with me, with my name ... that my brother was going to get brought into it.

"It's not relevant - the police killed my kids … it's not about me."

Hours after speaking to the Herald Craig Mcallister posted a new photograph on his Facebook page.

The photograph showed him wearing a hat with each of his dead children's names on the sides and on the front - RIP FTP.

FTP stands for f**k the police.

"Love you sons, I hope to see you soon," the caption read.

Craig Mcallister, who admitted he had been a skinhead and drug addict in the past and was involved in the 1989 murder by dropping his killer brother off in the city, said he was "dead inside".

Yesterday he said both his sons had been involved in fleeing police in the past, and stealing cars.

However he urged people not to judge the boys for their behaviour - or for how their father and uncle behaved.

"They didn't deserve to die ... Their burden is mine - but mine should not be theirs."

Craig Mcallister said dental records were being used to identify the three boys due to the severity of the crash and fire.

It is believed his son Glen was driving.

"They had been doing skids out the back of their mother's place about half an hour 
before the crash," he said.

"Glen went with them because he wanted to protect them … from getting into pursuits and fights, he was trying to keep them safe."

Craig Mcallister was yesterday critical of the police - claiming officers would have "known who was in the car" when they gave chase and saying they should have followed up with his sons when they got home.

He also said they should have used road spikes in an area with no trees or objects the boys could have crashed into.

Police are still investigating the crash and the boys are yet to be formally identified.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority is also investigating.


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