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EXCLUSIVE: Labour's GCSB leak revealed

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Latest Political News | Friday October 12 2012 7:39

EXCLUSIVE: Labour's GCSB leak revealed

The Labour Party's GCSB leak has been revealed.

The partner of David Shearer's chief spin doctor, former TVNZ political journalist Fran Mold, has connections to the bureau.

That's where the party's information has come from that when John Key was briefed at the GCSB in February, he spoke to the spies in a cafeteria.

AUDIO: Labour's leak at GCSB revealed

This was of course a month after the much publicised raid on the Kim Dotcom mansion in his own electorate and the Prime Minister has said he'd forgotten that Mr Dotcom's name was raised during the briefing when in fact Dotcom's photo was on a presentation screen.

The Prime Minister last night freely admitted he spoke with the staff at the GCSB at that cafeteria but claims he cannot remember whether Mr Dotcom's name was mentioned.

But he does admit he could have made a quip in passing about the internet giant because he says he's known for making light hearted remarks.

Mr Key says the fact that so much publicity had been given to Dotcom and the raid on his mansion the month before meant that his mention probably didn't register in the same way with him at the briefing.

The GCSB had clearly been involved, he says, because a foreign country was seeking Dotcom's extradition.

Media reports last night said there may have been a video recording of Key's address to the staff but he says that wasn't the case and that's been reinforced by the former secretary of the Cabinet Rebecca Kitteridge who was sent in by the Prime Minister to check the venue.

She says still photos were taken but she's not releasing them because they identify staff.

The Prime Minister's challenging Labour to front up with video footage it claims exists of a February meeting with New Zealand's spy agency.

David Shearer says the Prime Minister made the presentation in February - earlier than he's admitted knowing about GCSB's involvement with the Dotcom case.

He insists the video was made - and also claims the GCSB is conducting an inquiry into its existence, which has involved seizing hard drives.

"They have seized hard drives of workers inside GCSB to try and find that recording. Whether it exists now, I can't tell you. We have been told reliably that that recording was made during his presentation.

"They've checked up the back-up tapes, they've checked the back-up logs, all of these things are monitored and there's never been a recording. So if Mr Shearer has a private recording which someone may have recorded on a phone or whatever it might be, he should feel free to put that in the public domain."

John Key insists the first briefing he can remember about Kim Dotcom happened on September the 17th.

Photo: Getty Images

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