Supersize SME

Supersize SME


Supersize SME is back in 2018 and this is your opportunity to be involved! 

Last year the combined efforts of Newstalk ZB and BNZ saw these three SMEs taken to the next level. Snap Rentals, Ethique and Chapman Employment Relations worked with our leading team of mentors and business coaches, and their businesses went great guns.

Now we’re doing it again. If your small or medium-sized business has a challenge that we can solve, let us know. Fill in the form below and send us your details, along with a 90-second video introducing yourself and your business.

To send your video, upload it to WeTransfer.com and send it to SuperSizeSME@newstalkzb.co.nz (For peace of mind, you’ll receive an email to say the video has been successfully sent, and then a second email to say your video has been downloaded.) 

View Terms and Conditions for Supersize SME here