Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye Afternoons

12PM - 4PM weekdays

Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye Afternoons

12pm–4pm weekdays

Vibrant talk all week with New Zealand’s freshest talent.

She’s the beloved media identity and he’s the hip and connected off-sider.

One of the country’s most recognised personalities, Kerre is a mum, grandmother, in-demand MC, writer and keen runner.  She always cuts to the chase on every issue.

Mark has returned from several years abroad to tackle the big issues impacting everyday Kiwis. An experienced broadcaster, Mark delivers a youthful insight into the show each day.

Together Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye bring their audience up-to-date with the day’s main stories and opinion.

Kicking off with The Hour, the team delivers a comprehensive wrap from around the country of the days key news items.

This is followed by in-depth discussion and debate throughout the afternoon with a special focus on issues affecting everyday Kiwis.

Email them, hit them up on Facebook (, text them on 9292 (ZBZB), or call them on 0800 80 10 80.

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