Immigration changes could incentivise businesses to hire Kiwis - expert

Andrew McMartin,
Publish Date
Thursday, 20 April 2017, 6:35AM

Changes to immigration rules could be an incentive for businesses to hire New Zealanders, rather than people from overseas.

The Government is tweaking the rules to impose an income threshold for skilled work visas.

People coming into the country will need to be earning more than $49,000 a year to qualify.

Howard Levarko of ChalkHills Immigration Consultants, said there are merits to the move.

"It's a way of curbing it or addressing the issues of the large number of people on work visas, and making sure that New Zealanders get a proper wage and are filling the positions before giving work visas to offshore people."

However, Levarko said some industries could still face challenges.

"Are there skilled people in the labour market from within New Zealand able to do the positions in the specific area or can they move to where the work is" he questioned.

The changes come into effect on August 14.

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