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Larry's Memo: February 29

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| Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Larry's Memo: February 29

Turangi rape sentence

A judge has taken into account the dysfunctional upbringing of a Turangi teenager when sentencing him on the rape of a five-year-old tourist.

In the Rotorua District Court today, 16-year-old Raurangi Marino was jailed for 10 years with no non-parole period.

Judge Philip Cooper started with a sentence of 18 years, but a number of mitigating factors brought the jail-time down.

They include two and a half years for his young age, one year for his dysfunctional upbringing, one year for his remorse as well as the standard 25 percent for an early guilty plea.

No such discount for the little five-year-old. She lives with this for the rest of her life. Judges don't seem to care about the victim anymore.

Saying you're sorry seems to do the trick with the judges. Tell them your family life was hell is always a winner. And even though you're guilty as sin and would have been found guilty, saying you're guilty gets you a quarter off the time.

The defence lawyer would have counted on all of this.

So it's the same old story. You get a discount for being brought up to rape a little five-year-old girl.

More to the point you get a discount if you can come up a list of what they call mitigating factors which are really excuses that the judiciary mostly buy into.

This kid will be out before he's 20.


Otago rugby

It's possible that the Otago Rugby Union will be bailed out by business interests with links to the union. This would be a mistake.

Otago is not the only union in the red and it's only a matter of time until others fold as well.

Unions around the country have been running deficits year in, year out.

What that means is that the second tier professional competition is not financially viable. Never has been. Never will be.

Question is why hasn't the NZRU stepped in before now to address the obvious flaws in the business model? An Otago bailout would just delay the inevitable.

Once again the NZRU is appealing for business to bail out Otago. They think business is a bottomless pit.

This was demonstrated when the union came up with some hair brained scheme to sell off part of the Super franchises. The buyer wouldn't get ownership. What the so called partner would get was to fund the losses, like a sugar daddy. They gamble on the fact that there's a sucker around every corner.

Same here for an Otago bailout.

The fact is that the ITM Cup competition is a licence to lose money and a bail out will not alter that.



Those opposed to the welfare changes keep banging away and expose themselves for what they really are.

They want the status quo. They don't want to get solo mothers off work. They would rather the welfare dependency continue. They offer no rational solutions.

The evidence is there - the welfare system over the last 30 years or so, the DPB in particular, has led to an increase in solo mothers. We have seen a dramatic increase in fatherless children.

Dysfunctional families are now commonplace, workless families have increased, child abuse is out of control, they're popping out babies to multiple fathers.

Yet somehow those who claim to want rid the country of children living in poverty think that staying with this social engineering experiment is a grand idea.

Indeed, Labour wanted to give these families a tax credit. They wanted to raise the benefit level.

Well forgive me, but I just don't get that.


Travel perks

Former Cabinet Ministers Sir Douglas Graham and Bill Jefferies have been informed that their travel perks have been cancelled.

Parliamentary Services has written to them after they were convicted in the Lombard Finance case.

So they have lost their 90% discount on international and domestic flights.

Investors who had their lives wrecked won't be unhappy about that.

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