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News Radio Shows

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12:00am 1:45am Wake Up Morning Show
12:00am 1:45am Wake Up Morning Show
12:00am 1:45am On Air Now Wake Up Morning Show
12:00am 1:45am Wake Up Morning Show

Mike Hosking

A consummate broadcaster, Mike brings to the breakfast show years of experience as a radio broadcaster in Wellington and Christchurch. Personality interviews with the day's news makers and comments on the issues of the day. Mike's insightfulness and knowledge of world and NZ events makes him the most entertaining and informative breakfast host in the country.

Leighton Smith

Urbane and smooth, Leighton Smith delivers the most intelligent talkback radio around. His ease with developing in-depth, meaningful conversation brings an extra dimension to this predominantly talkback programme. Leighton's love of wine, food and music are also featured in his programme.

Danny Watson

He's built apartments. He's been a Mr Whippy. He's been in the army. Had a job in the meatworks. Ran a Karate club. Was a barman in the original Porirua Tavern. He's had his own TV show. He's travelled. Danny Watson has been there and done that. The 12-4pm host on Newstalk ZB believes it all adds up to one thing - being able to relate to his audience of anyone, anywhere.

Larry Williams

Larry’s middle name should have been golf. But it’s not. It’s Stephen.

When Larry isn’t playing or thinking about golf he’s breaking news stories and putting the news makers under the spotlight.

Special segments on his weekday 4 to 7pm programme include political and overseas correspondents and a one hour business segment from 6 to 7pm.

Kerre McIvor

Kerre McIvor (née Woodham) is the host of New Zealand's number one night-time talk show. With her sharp wit, sassiness, empathy and entertainment and knowledge, she's someone you won't want to miss on air.

She also has a weekly column in the Herald on Sunday and is an avid reader.

Rachel Smalley

Rachel Smalley is host of Newstalk ZB’s KPMG Early Edition and TVNZ's Q+A.

Her career in journalism is extensive. She has reported from Europe, Africa, Asia and America, covering elections in Britain, the United States, France and New Zealand. In 2007 she reported from Paris when Nicolas Sarkozy was elected as French President, and later that year travelled to Washington to report on the historic election of Barack Obama to the US Presidency. 

She spent eight years living in Europe working for news organisations in Dublin and London, and gained invaluable experience working for the award-winning rolling news channel Sky News UK in London for four years.

Rachel now interviews some of the country’s leading politicians every week. She has a strong nose for news, and spent long stints reporting from her native Christchurch during the earthquakes. She also maintains strong views on some of the key issues facing women today.

Jack Tame

One of the nation's most recognisable news faces interviews the day's news makers and comments on the issues of the day.

Live from New York City, his fresh approach to the news and opinions of New Zealanders makes him your most entertaining choice on Saturday mornings.

Andrew Dickens

It’s been a long road in broadcasting before Andrew Dickens came to Newstalk ZB. Starting at Radio B as Station Manager in the 80s, Andrew has been around the world on radio. Not only has he been on air in Hamilton, Wanganui, Greymouth and Wellington but he’s also been a breakfast host in London and even Monaco. Then, there was 13 years as breakfast host on Auckland’s Classic Hits.

He’s a qualified journalist, a father of 2 boys (who are eating him out of house and home) and the owner of an unruly Labradoodle.

Tim Roxborogh

Tim Roxborogh joined the Newstalk ZB team in July 2011 and brings with him more than a decade of broadcasting experience in Auckland music radio. A former breakfast host and music director, Tim is also a trained journalist with a blog at

A keen world traveller with a love of people, history and adventure, Tim spent seven childhood years in Malaysia and has also travelled extensively throughout South-East Asia, North America, Central America, Australia and the UK.

With passions as varied as cricket, the Bee Gees and black civil rights, Tim shares a unique perspective on any topic.

Tony Veitch

Tony Veitch is one of New Zealand’s leading sports journalists, winning numerous awards.

He has the respect of sportspeople and sporting officials and is known for his hard-hitting interviews.

Veitchy is a keen golfer, follower of the NRL, and loves his test cricket.

Bruce Russell

Bruce Russell likes to bring his sense of humour to his talk show, but the serious issues are also tackled and there are many times callers just need someone to talk to in the middle of the night.

He is widely read, and can talk with people on just about any subject they raise, even the - er - unusual topics, although he has special interest in movies and the entertainment world.

Ruud Kleinpaste

Ruud 'The Bug Man' Kleinpaste is a former entomologist with MAF and has been part of the ZB team since hosting his first show in 1987. He has had many television appearances in New Zealand and overseas, including his own series on the Discovery Channel.


7pm to 8pm weeknights

Tony Veitch and Mark Watson take your calls on anything and everything to do with sport from 7pm weeknights in Sportstalk

Kerre McIvor Nights

8pm to midnight

From Monday to Thursday, 8pm to midnight, Kerre McIvor (née Woodham) has ample opportunity to express her special qualities of sassiness, empathy and entertainment.

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The Two

With Tim Roxborogh

Join Tim Roxborogh on Friday and Sunday nights to chat about pretty much anything and everything

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Saturday Mornings with Jack Tame

9am to midday

Start your weekend with movies, music, wine, food, debate and the big interview - it's Saturday Mornings with Jack Tame

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In My Day

6pm to midnight Saturday

It's all about the music and memories with Bruce Russell every Saturday night

Total Recall

6pm to 7:30pm Sunday

Movies, Music, Literature, Politics, Philosophy, History – if it made you laugh, made you cry, or just made you think – Total Recall will cover it.

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The Nutters Club

Sunday 11pm to Monday 1am

The Nutters Club is Nutters helping other Nutters live at peace with themselves and others, so that we can all lead meaningful lives, led by head nut Mike King

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Andrew Dickens' Sunday Café

9am to midday

Andrew Dickens’ Sunday Café is a show that will take you out and about amongst the lives of busy New Zealanders. Full of inspiration, ideas and fun it’s a fresh way to start Sunday

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Real Life

7:30pm to 8pm Sunday

John Cowan hosts ‘Real Life’, a weekly nationwide chat show featuring a different high-profile guest every week. John talks with them about their life, their upbringing, their passions and their view of the world.

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Overnight Talk

Midnight to 5am

5:30 Live

5:30am weekdays

Start the day with a wrap up of news from around New Zealand on 5:30 Live

The Best Of...

Sunday 5am-6am

Missed some of our shows during the week? Don Linden presents the Best of Mike Hosking and Leighton Smith (Tim Fookes in Wellington and Chris Lynch in Christchurch).

KPMG Early Edition

Weekdays 5am-6am

Setting the agenda for the day, KPMG Early Edition looks at the news here at home and abroad with interviews, international correspondents and a regional wrap-up.

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Veitch on Sport

With Tony Veitch
12pm-6pm Saturday and Sunday

Keep up with the latest sporting news from around the country and around the world with Veitch on Saturday

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Larry Williams Drive

4pm-7pm weekdays

When he isn’t playing or thinking about golf he’s breaking news stories and putting the news makers under the spotlight on Larry Williams Drive

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Leighton Smith Show

8:30am to midday weekdays

Political analysis, news of the world and intelligent talkback feature in Leighton Smith’s weekday show. From 8.30am to midday, Leighton brings you the real people and stories behind the news that’s making headlines. Occasionally his love of wine, food and music (oh and global warming) also slip into the conversation.

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The Mike Hosking Breakfast

6 to 8:30am weekdays

For all the top interviews, the Mike Hosking Breakfast brings you the stories that set the day's news agenda. Mike asks newsmakers the hard questions, hears from top correspondents around the world and looks at what's making the business world tick.

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Danny Watson Afternoons


He's built apartments. He's been a Mr Whippy. He's been in the army. Had a job in the meatworks. Run a Karate club. Was a barman in the original Porirua Tavern. He's had his own TV show. He's travelled, been a farmer, a conservationist and a bee keeper. Danny Watson has been there and done that.

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