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  Judith Collins resigns

Political Report: John Key's dry Mexican presser

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| Thursday, March 07, 2013 6:00 AM

Political Report: John Key's dry Mexican presser

Being a journalist it was a bit like being in a pub with no beer and what made it worse this was in the home of Corona!

We were invited along to a "press conference" with Mexico's Ken Doll President Enrique Pena Nieto at a magnificent Castle in the middle of Mexico City.

He was standing alongside State Homie John Key who looked decidedly dowdy by comparison, although in fairness to him he's done quite a lot of travel over the past 48 hours. The Espanol flowed from the silver tongue with not a line showing in the carefully manicured face.

An English speaking Mexican journalist explained that the new, 46 year old President has a face that the best of money can buy, the chin, cheeks and the splendidly shaped nose. His former soap star wife may have been smiling as she strode across the freshly hoovered red carpet but no one would have noticed, the expression remained rigid.

My Mexican gossip says the Pressy's wife's been given a full makeover, they thought she was a little, well she said it, trashy to be a President's wife. You couldn't help thinking that this President and his wife, slightly shorter than Key, looked like the South American equivalent of the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni.

There was a rehearsal before Key's entourage swept up to the castle for the red carpet treatment, right down to the false introductions.

A woman played the role of our Prime Minister and she must have been from the world's drug haven, Colombia, which is where we are now, as her announcement of John Key came out as a distinct "junkie."

Still when the junkie smiled, at least you could tell.

He began his Clayton's press conference by declaring he wasn't going to say what he said before and then proceeded to say exactly what he said before, waxing about the value of the Trans Pacific Partnership, which conjures up a Latin American love affair which in this case is quite appropriate!

Photo: John Key/Facebook

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