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Temporary cathedral not enough

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Latest Christchurch News | Tuesday April 17 2012 12:04

A former mayor of Christchurch says a temporary cathedral won't make up for the fact the real building is being pulled down.

Garry Moore is impressed with the Japanese-designed "Cardboard Cathedral".

But he says it doesn't do anything to solve the bitterness over the proper cathedral.

"Because it was an important civic place it was much more than just a place of worship," he says.

Garry Moore says it's unfortunate the Anglican Church has taken the property rights line when it comes to the cathedral.

Mr Moore says Wellington bureaucrats shouldn't be in charge of rebuilding the city.

Garry Moore says the structures that are being put in place are not the best.

A new government-appointed executive is expected to be named to co-ordinate infrastructure repair work in the city.

He says it was fine for a strong minister response to start with, but there needs to be more accountability, local influence and opportunity for people's dreams to be considered.

"Creating a government department of Wellington bureaucrats is, in my opinion, probably not the best model we could have to rebuild."

Garry Moore says the structure of CERA should be looked at and should become a State Owned Enterprise.

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