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Anglicans, Catholics could share in Chch

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Latest Christchurch News | Monday September 10 2012 5:08

Anglicans, Catholics could share in Chch


Christchurch could be put on the international map with a concept that could see Anglicans and Catholics share a place of worship.

February's earthquake significantly damaged both the Catholic Basilica and the Anglican ChristChurch Cathedral.

The rebuild or otherwise of the cathedral has become increasingly controversial, with action pending in the High Court.

It's understood discussions about the creation of a super cathedral, are on hold until that matter is settled.

Mayor Bob Parker says the idea of joint forces is a theme of the city's rebuild.

"A lot of organisations have merged through this trauma that they've been through as a community. Nothing is the same as it was. So I look at this idea and I say why not - it makes a lot of sense to me."

He says the concept seems appealing, smart and exciting.

"To me it seems like a rather exciting idea and the first in the world and makes a lot of sense to me, but then I'm not a member of the local Anglican or the local Catholic congregation so I guess it's up to them."

Church and society lecturer Dr Kevin Ward says it's an interesting situation.

"The Christchurch earthquake has created the possibility of shared building use which is what I'd see it being more than say combined worship services, except for special occasions."

Mr Ward says that means they would both use the space - but at different times with different services, except for on days that hold special Christian importance.

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