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CERA releases ChristChurch Cathedral documents

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Latest Christchurch News | Friday April 27 2012 9:45

CERA releases ChristChurch Cathedral documents

More than a thousand pages of new information held by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority on ChristChurch Cathedral has been made available online.

The information - which includes engineers' reports on the state of the building and correspondence between CERA and church leaders - has been uploaded onto CERA's website.

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says the information was released as the building is of significance to many in the community.

He wants the Anglican Church to release its information as well.

Church leaders have not yet said if they will do that.

A spokesperson says they want to speak to the Minister, who is in London, first.

Among the ChristChurch Cathedral documents released this morning by CERA is an engineering report from February.

It was compiled by Holmes Consulting and details the damage to the Cathedral caused by the December aftershocks.

The report says the observations in early January were visual only and restricted to structural elements.

It says the December aftershocks caused significant additional damage to the west wall - that fronts the square, and debris falling from that damaged nearby windows... though the main entrance door appears to be largely undamaged.

The Tower is said to be at risk of partially collapsing in any future aftershocks, but it's better news on the north porch, north turret and south porch which the report says did not get any additional damage.

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker is pleading to the Anglican Church to reveal what it knows about the ChristChurch Cathedral.

Mr Parker says by releasing its information, the church will help people to look forward, rather than backwards.

"If they would share that vision with us, give us a chance as a community to get along side them. If they are prepared to be open in the debate around that, as they have stated, then there is an opportunity for us to move on."

Mr Parker says the people of Christchurch have a right to see what information was used in the decision to deconstruct the Cathedral.

Meanwhile, President of Historic Places Aotearoa Anna Crighton says engineers are already wading through the CERA documents.

She says there is a vast amount of information to process, but already they're seeing some glaring differences.

"Apparently there is no reference to demolition, so that will be an interesting thing to look at, just the phraseology of how things are worded."

Ms Crighton says they're still hopefully the release of this information will make the Anglican Church halt the deconstruction.

View the documents here

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