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Labour's annual conference underway

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Latest Political News | Saturday November 17 2012 11:25

Labour's annual conference underway


Women are set to to take a greater role in the workings of the Labour Party.

Members have amended rules for local electorate committee representation at the party's annual conference today.

After some debate delegates have decide at least half an electorate committee's officers should be women.

Labour Party members are being told it's time to adapt, and do politics differently.

The message comes from Labour's president Moira Coatsworth.

She says to be campaign ready and ready for Government, the organisation needs to do things differently.

Ms Coatsworth says the changes are a legacy for the future.

"And so I ask you to think about the long term future of the party when you listen to arguments and cast your votes."

Poverty and the environment have been key themes pushed by Ms Coatsworth.

"Delegates, the division of this country into a country of rich and poor threatens what's best about New Zealand and everyone suffers from this."

She has also criticised the Government for stripping away environmental protections and abandoning the Kyoto Protocol.

Photo: Getty Images

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