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Changes could put up prices of WOF

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Latest Political News | Monday January 28 2013 5:57

Changes could put up prices of WOF


Most car owners will soon have to get a Warrant of Fitness just once a year, and while the Government claims it will save motorists money, that may not be the case.

Any car first registered after 2000 will only have to be inspected once a year after a car's been on the road for three years, with cars registered cars before 2000 still requiring six-monthly checks.

The New Zealand Herald reports Vehicle Testing New Zealand expects the price of its inspections will very likely increase as a result of the changes, while at the same time a number of its testing stations could close.

The Government admits jobs will be lost because of the changes.

OPINION: Tim Fookes on Warrant of Fitness changes

But Labour says the changes will also lead to unsafe cars on the road.

Labour MP Phil Twyford says the policy will only work if the Government invests more in other areas.

"Unless the Government makes the kind of investment that we see in Australia which would see an extra 500 police on the side of the road in New Zealand checking warrants and checking for vehicle defects then New Zealanders' lives will be at risk."

OPINION: Chris Lynch writes about the changes

The Motor Trade Association is also disappointed about the changes to the Warrant of Fitness checking system.

Race driver and association spokesman Greg Murphy says it appears as if our decision makers have a lack of knowledge on how cars run.

"Clearly the Minister has no understanding of how a vehicle works and what makes it safe or not," he told Newstalk ZB's Susan Wood.

"Does he understand what tyres are about? What the grooves in a tyre do? What is the minimum tread depth? All this kind of stuff."

Greg Murphy says the minimum age of cars is ridiculous, as in four years cars made after the year 2000 will be nearly 20 years old.

Photo: Edward Swift

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