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'Beast of Blenheim' to be released in September

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New Zealand News | Tuesday April 17 2012 14:48

'Beast of Blenheim' to be released in September


The sex offender known as the Beast of Blenheim has been denied parole for an eighth time.

However Stewart Wilson will have to be released in September when two-thirds of his 21-year sentence is up.

That's despite the latest Parole Board report stating it believes Wilson will offend again, as soon as he has the opportunity, once he's released.

The 65-year-old was jailed in 1996 for crimes which include rape, stupefying, bestiality and wilful ill treatment of a child.

The Probation Service is applying to the High Court to have him placed under supervision after his release for up to a decade.

The private investigator who had the Beast of Blenheim extradited from Australia has no doubt the man will reoffend.

Maurice Fletcher was involved with bringing Wilson back from Australia in the 1970s and says there's no way he should be let loose.

"I think the nature of the offences that he was charged with are so heinous that it's not the sort of thing you just get over.

Mr Fletcher says the best place for the Beast of Blenheim is in jail.

Photo: Getty Images

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