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Changing face of Christchurch will push extremists out of the city

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New Zealand News | Saturday March 23 2013 16:55

A sociologist believes the only way right wing racist groups will disappear, is if the voices of the many drown out those of the few.

There were noisy clashes at a Christchurch park this afternoon, as around 30 members of the Right Wing Resistance gathered to show pride in their race.

Some 60 members of the Rally Against Racism Group also turned up to to vent their frustration at the right wing group's views.

Paul Spoonley from Massey University says standing up against racist attitudes shows society is sick and tired of outdated views.

"It's to say to the group that 'No your views are not acceptable and no we don't like what you're saying'."

He believes the changing face of Christchurch will push extreme groups like the Right Wing Resistance out of the city and says as Christchurch becomes more multi-cultural, the voices of discontent against such right wing groups will only get louder.

"The appeal of these sorts of extreme right-wing groups is now very limited. And I think most people see the need for immigrants as part of the rebuild, they're going to contribute."

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