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Concern for kids online

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New Zealand News | Monday May 5 2014 6:09

File Photo (stock.xchng)

File Photo (stock.xchng)


There's increasing concern from parents and grandparents, about children sharing private information on public social media sites.

A new survey from UMR Research shows older New Zealanders are particularly worried about the security of young people on websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards says it's important caregivers talk to their children about these issues, and how they can protect their online security.

"That may not reflect the actual concern of children and what theyre doing online so parents need to be talking to their kids about the steps they are taking to protect their privacy."

New Zealanders appear to be more concerned about online privacy and more suspicious about Government spying than ever before.

A new survey shows growing distrust in how businesses and social media sites use private information - and growing worry about the threat of identify theft.

But Mr Edwards says the biggest trend, is that more than half of Kiwis are worried about surveillance by New Zealand and overseas government agencies.

"No doubt affected by the publicity around the Edward Snowden revelations about the activity of the NSA - its eavesdropping and surveillance activities."

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