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Crass village name needs to change

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International News | Wednesday April 18 2012 8:59


An Austrian village called F**king is being forced to bow to the power of the English language by changing its name.

While the village's name may be spelt the same way as a swear word, the pronunciation is such that the word rhymes with 'booking'.

The Daily Mail reports the villagers didn't have a problem until pranksters began making fun of them, with phone calls and joke postcards.

Now the village is set to vote on a switch and the 16th century version of the name, 'Fugging', is likely to be adopted.

If the name change goes ahead, they'll be following in the footsteps of stadium bosses in Switzerland who were forced to change their name from Wankdorf, because many were too embarrassed to play there.

Also available on the online Austrian telephone book are the villages of Windpassing and Rottenegg.

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