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Charges laid in Trayvon Martin case

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International News | Thursday April 12 2012 10:24

Charges laid in Trayvon Martin case


Florida neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman is in custody after being charged with the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin.

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey says Zimmerman surrendered to authorities and charged with second degree murder.

She won't reveal where the 28-year-old is being held over concerns for his safety.

Ms Corey insists they were not forced into laying the charge by public opinion.

"Remember, it is Trayvon's family that are our constitutional victims and who have the right to know the critical stages of these proceedings."

Authorities in the US state of Florida are refusing to say where George Zimmerman is being held following his arrest for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman intends to plead not guilty to the count of second degree murder he faces.

Concerns for his safety are behind the secrecy of his location.

Zimmerman's lawyer Mark O'Mara says feelings are very high at the moment.

"He is a client who has a lot of hatred focused on his right now. I am hoping that the hatred settles down now that we are moving forward."

Photo: People protesting for justice over Trayvon Martin's murder two days ago (Getty Images)

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